Best Portable AC in India

Best Portable AC in India
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Best Portable AC in India, Know about the best portable AC in India 2020, Also, know about different types and price of AC only at

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Today all need comfort and movability. Perhaps you are aware of Cooler and installed an Air conditioner in the home and office to beat the heat.

And Window AC and Split AC are the common AC that people know in India. But they are difficult to install and maintain.

But, do you know about the third type of AC that is the Portable Air conditioner? If you don’t know, you should definitely read this article.

Once you will know about Portable AC, you will love this portable concept and would definitely buy one for yourself.

What is a Portable Air Conditioner?

The portable air conditioner has a self-contained portable system. It is a very nice alternative to the window units and is ideal made for cooling single rooms. 

They have wheels, so we can move AC in the different rooms. No need to drill in your house’s wall as they can lie on the floor and come with an installation kit for a quick set up. 

Definitely, you are thinking about Air cooler, but it is not cooler. Build and body are the same but AC offers much better cooling because of the conditioning technology and refined mechanics.

Croma Portable AC
Croma Portable AC

Points to be considered while purchasing the Portable Air Conditioner:

Room Size and BTU’s needed:

ACS are rated in British Thermal Units (BTUs) per hour. The BTU is mainly used to measure how powerfully the portable AC cools the air and how much area is covered for its cooling. For large-sized rooms, high (or more) BTU’s is required for air cooling.


You should look for the Energy efficiency ratio at the time of buying.

Noise level

Portable AC also creates noise the same as other ACs. So, you should take care of this thing also.

Blue Star Portable AC
Blue Star Portable AC

Water removal system/Draining

Most of the air conditioners are comes with a self-evaporating. Generally, in Portable ACs, the water collects in a tank and has to be pumped outside through a hose. Or you have to drain it out manually.

Honeywell Portable AC
Honeywell Portable AC

Advantages of the Portable Air Conditioner

Portable AC is Economical

If you are living at a rental house, you can buy this, and no need to take permission from the owner to drill in walls.

Also, Portable AC is fully remote controlled and also it has a feather touch electronic panel which makes it globally attractive.

Similarly, Portable AC has a memory function that allows the unit to remember the previously set options even when it turned off because of any power disruption.

Also, Portable AC has three operational modes available: air conditioner, fan, and dehumidifier.

As portable AC is movable, you can place it anywhere.
Portable ACs are very easy to install.

Lloyd Portable AC

Disadvantages of the Portable Air Conditioner (Best Portable AC in India)

1) It creates more noise compare with Window AC and Split AC. This is the main disadvantage for people who can’t sleep in noise.

2) The advantage of low humidity also requires some efforts. As the reduced moisture (water) is passed out, discard water must need to handle carefully.

3) Portable AC should be placed near the window or duct vent so, the water can be released easily out.

4) Portable AC has limited cooling space. It is made for a small single room. The cooling output of portable AC is less than a window AC and far less than central air conditioning.

Koryo Portable AC

Top 5 Best portable ac in India 2020 (Best Portable AC in India)

Best Portable AC in India
Best Portable AC in India

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Conclusion of Best Portable AC in India

In a conclusion, we talked about the different kinds of best portable AC units available in India and their best features; we also discussed a detailed buying guide and difference for an instant and quick thorough understanding of portable air conditioners.

If you want to specifically alter the temperature of a specific small setup within an affordable budget, this might be the solution for you. It does not require the external hard work for installation like split AC and Window AC.

Portable air conditioners are just in a trend; Hope this article fulfills your queries about the best portable AC in India and helps you make a wise choice while buying your own portable air conditioner. 

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