How To Clear Youtube History

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Hello, friends today I will show you How To Clear Youtube History & How to Delete Youtube Search History & Youtube Video History.

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Now, we are going to tell you how you can erase Serch history in your mobile app in APPLICATION forever.

How To Clear Youtube History

Why This Option is Available in YOUTUBE

1. Search History takes some space in Youtube Application

Friends, do you know that whatever you do about SEARCH on YOUTUBE or watch any video, then your Youtube application that SIZE Increase is starting to happen.

Have you checked the application setting by going to your mobile settings?

There you can see that at the time when you downloaded the application, then there is a huge difference in its SIZE (in Mb or Gb) and a few months later in that application’s SIZE.

If you do not Delete the Serch history from time to time, then this search history starts accumulating as kb in your APPLICATION.

As a result, the size of your application increases from time to time.

For this, we should also delet Youtube history at a certain time.

2. For Privacy Purpose

Many times, friends are a company (MOBILE or COMPUTER) in many companies or at home.

And many people use it. So at that time people use youtube for privacy in INCOGNITO WINDOW or else delete the search history of Youtube.

How To Clear Youtube History(TUTORIAL)


Friends, you have to first open the YOUTUBE app in your MOBILE.

How To Clear Youtube History

2. Go to Settings Option

How To Clear Youtube History
your channel

Friends, as you go to the settings of youtube, you will see two options when you scroll down.

1. Search history

2. Watch history

How To Clear Youtube History

3. Click on the option

Like friends, if you click on the search history option, you will again ask for youtube conformation. (How To Clear Youtube History)

See in the image below.

How To Clear Youtube History
How To Clear Youtube History
hystory cleared

In this way you can also delete the WATCH HISTORY.

How To Clear Youtube History
watch hystory cleared

And yes, later on in Serch on Youtube, you will see that your Serch History & Watch History has been deleted.

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