10 Best way How to make Laptop Faster

how to make Laptop Faster
how to make Laptop Faster
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10 best way how to make Laptop Faster | A to Z full information on how to make laptop faster | welcome to www.thetechknowledge.com

Hello friends,

whenever you buy a Brand new computer, it runs very fast, but it slows down after some months or years.

This is things wastes our much productive time. And it becomes a big hurdle in our work.

Are you worried about your slow computer and want to make your computer faster?

So, you come to the right place.

In this article, I am going to suggest some methods by implement that you can make your computer faster. So, let’s start.

How to make Laptop Faster?

1) Clear out your startup programs

As time goes on and you install new programs. Many of them make themselves start up with windows.

If you don’t close them, you will have an ever-increasing number of programs just running in the background taking up your computer’s resources.

But don’t think that just because you don’t see many programs in the taskbar that there aren’t many programs running in the background.

That’s why clear out your startup programs is very important for running your computer faster.

Step No 1:

Come to your home screen of computer and type “Task Manager” in the search box which is next to the windows icon or press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open up Task Manager.

way how to make Laptop Faster
way how to make Laptop Faster

Step No 2:

Now, Task Manager Window will open up on your screen. Go to the startup tab to see the all programs that startup with your Windows.

way how to make Laptop Faster
way how to make Laptop Faster

Step No 3:

Right-click and disable any program that you don’t immediately need all the time. You also can manually run disabled programs whenever you want.

way how to make Laptop Faster

2) Clear out Startup services

The startup tab is not the end of the story, because many programs install what are called “services”, which are still running in the background, but you never see them.

So, this second method also plays an important role to make PC faster.

Step No 1:

Come to your home screen of the computer and type “Run” in the search box which is next to the windows icon or Presses Windows + R on your keyboard.

Step No 2:

way how to make Laptop Faster

Write Services.msc in the open tab (in the run window) or run Services.msc.

Step No 3:

Now, the Services window will pop up on your screen. You will get a list of all the services which is automatically start with windows.


Right-click on that unnecessary services, go into the properties, and change startup type to “manual” and press ok so that services will only run when that particular program starts.

You should be more cautious when disabling these, especially for programs that aren’t necessarily manually run by you.

For example, disabling printer service might cause trouble next time you go to print. So, only disable just otiose services running in the background.

3) Uninstall Unused Programs or software

Uninstalling unused programs or software is the process to free up our hard drive space. Sometimes the unused heavy programs are the main cause to keep our computer slower.

There are many techniques to uninstall unused programs but I will show you my method to do that.

Step1: Type “Control Panel” in the search box which is next to the windows icon.

Step2: The Control panel window will pop up on your screen. Go into programs.

Step3: In programs, select Programs and features.

Step4: In Programs and features, you can uninstall unused programs easily.

way how to make Laptop Faster

4) Scanning for viruses

1) If your computer running slow for no reason, any virus or malware may become in your computer or any hidden malicious software is running in the background.

2) There are many sources of viruses like clicking on any links or clicking on any ads, exploring any websites, etc.

3) There are both free and paid antivirus options. Bit defender, Malwarebytes, and ESET are some of the good antivirus software.

4) If your computer is not running slow still having Anti-virus is advisable, because it protects our computer against malware as well as against other threats.

So, this tip helps your computer to run smoother and provide a good security wall.

5) Frequently Update Your Software’s (How to make Laptop Faster)

Frequently Update software is a good habit. It is also good for your computer’s health. This includes windows itself and other graphics drivers or other things that you use.

These software companies frequently release new updates that improve performance as well as security.

You can check for different updates on your computer by following steps:


Type “Check for Updates” in the search box which is next to the windows icon.


The “Check for Updates” window will pop up on your screen. If any update is available it will show you or notify you. If your computer has any updates click on to download.


6) Manage your Power settings (How to make Laptop Faster)

This is especially for laptops. Windows comes with several preset “power plans” to suit your requirements.

By adjusting or changing these power plans you can speed up the performance of your computer.

Step1: Go into “Hardware and Sound” in the control panel.

Step2: Choose “Power Options” and select “Create a power plan” in Power Options.

Step3: By default “Balanced” power plan is selected on the PC. Choose “High performance” to boost the performance of your computer.

Step4: After choosing “High Performance” give the name of your new plan and select next.


And adjust “Turn off display” time and “Put the computer to sleep” as per your choice.

Step5: Select “create”. It will switch your plan setting “Balanced” to your new Plan.


Note: (How to make Laptop Faster)


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You can adjust your power plan after creating it just by going in Control Panel<Hardware and Sound<Power Options. You can also adjust advanced settings in Power Options.


7) Check the file integrity of windows by using System File Checker

Sometimes on our computer, some files may be corrupted because for some reason.

This can be the cause of the poor performance of our computer, but checking for the integrity of files frequently is very good practice.

We can do this thing by many types, but I am going to suggest check the integrity of files of windows by using System File Checker (SFC).

How can you do this? (How to make Laptop Faster)

Check out the following steps.


Type “Command Prompt” in the search box which is next to the windows icon.


Right-click on it and select “Run as administrator” and allow the command prompt to make changes in your device.



write sfc /scannow in the command prompt and press Enter. This will check any of the files are corrupt or not on your computer.


It will take a few minutes so, just wait and watch.


If your computer doesn’t have any corrupt file so, the following sentence will be printed on your command prompt.

Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations.
And if any file is corrupted in your computer, some error message will appear on the command prompt.

Just search about that error message on Google and try to fix it.

8) Change or Upgrade Hardware of your computer

Sometimes, it is necessary to change or upgrade the computer’s hardware.

Like Install a solid-state drive (SSD), Add more RAM (if you have 8GB or less than 8GB RAM), Reinstall your Operating System, etc.

This will boost up the performance and speed of your computer.

It can eliminate any of the problems on your computer and increase the efficiency of your computer.

Upgrading or changing the hardware of your computer is really useful in some serious or non-serious problems.

9) Delete the temporary files on your computer

Temporary files are used once on the computer but they still stored after a long time. So, deleting temporary files is a very essential thing you can do to somewhat speed up your computer.


Type “Run” in the search box which is next to the windows icon or press Windows + R on your keyboard.


Write %temp% in the open tab of the Run window and press Ok.


List of temporary files will pop up on your screen and delete all these files.


Note: you can get more temporary files by writing temp in the open tab of the Run window.

10) Disk Cleanup (How to make Laptop Faster)

Disk cleanup deletes the file which is no longer needed and it also deletes the temporary files. To do disk cleanup implement the following steps:


Type “Disk Cleanup” in the search box.


Select your drive which you want to clean up. Press ok.


disk cleanup window will pop up on your screen. Check out all the temporary files which you want to delete from the internet and other sources.


Then click on Clean up system files and click ok. Delete all the unwanted temporary files permanently.


Conclusion of How to make Laptop Faster

These are the 10 tips to increase the speed of your Laptop/PC. Importantly, most of these tips are free to do on your computer.

So, Which method helps you to increase the speed of your computer?

Comment Below.

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