How to share Whatsapp contact?

How to Share Whatsapp contacts
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How to share WhatsApp contact? How to share contact information on WhatsApp? (100% Easy Method)

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Welcome to our new article related to ‘Whatsapp’. Previously we know about How To Delete Whatsapp, What happens when you block someone on Whatsapp, Who viewed my WhatsApp profile.

Do you want to share a contact number with someone from your device?

But don’t know how to share? Then keep reading this article.

NOTE: We can delete WhatsApp stat only from android or iOS. We cannot delete WhatsApp status from PC or Mac.

What is Whatsapp?

1) But before starting, it is very important for us to know a few details of our journey from SMS to Whatsapp.

2) A few years ago, we used to buy the packages of the SMS (Short Message Service) to communicate with friends or family because it was a little cheaper than voice calls.

3) Right now, SMS is rarely using the system for communication, and Whatsapp, Telegram, and IMO have taken their place.

4) And the Whatsapp is most popular and widely used in the world.

5) Because by using this app, you can share multimedia files, images, videos, voice recordings also with text messages.

Whatsapp Media Sharing

You can share everything you want. You can share your live location, Audio, document, photos from the gallery, instantly snapped a photo, contact number, etc.


So, now in this article, I will tell you how to share a Whatsapp contact number.

How to Share WhatsApp Contact?

Follow these steps to share WhatsApp contact number from an android device:

Step 1: Open the Whatsapp application on your device. And open chat of contact number whom you want to share contact.

Step 2: Tap on the share icon (paperclip button), which is on the chatbox. (White space where we type our message) After that, some options will be open there.

How to share Whatsapp contact
WhatsApp Media sharing

Step 3: Tap on the contact. As you click on the contacts button your phone book will open.

Step 4: Select the contacts you want to share. After selecting, tap on the right arrow, located at the right bottom corner of the screen.

How to share Whatsapp contact
WhatsApp contact sharing

Step 5: Lat step is, tap on the share button bottom right corner of the screen. Contact will be shared.

How to find someone on Whatsapp?

Follow these steps to find someone on WhatsApp:

Step 1: Open the Whatsapp application on your device. Tap on the contacts icon located at the lower right corner of the screen.

How to share Whatsapp contact
Find someone in WhatsApp contact

Step 2: Tap on the search icon and write the name of the person you want to find from your contact numbers.

Step 3: If that person is using Whatsapp, his/her number will appear there.

It’s done here. Follow the above-mentioned steps to share the contact number to find some people on Whatsapp.

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