Paid online surveys | Online Surveys To Make Money

Online Surveys To Earn Money
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paid online surveys | online surveys to make money. | YOUGOV.COM

Friends, you are very welcome in our new article । Online Surveys To Earn Money

Today we friends are going to tell you how we can earn money by watching Surveys online, that too sitting at home.

Such friends, we bring you ONLINE MONEY MAKING IDEA, but it is different among them.

Today I want to tell you about a WEBSITE that has to be given an online survey.

In other words, only 15 to 20 minutes of your time in that survey is SPEND.

And with his help you can earn your EXTRA PART TIME INCOME sitting at home.
Friends, today I want to tell you about this website, it is a very Genuine website.

“You don’t even have any type of money in this website.”

That is, you do not have to pay any money in giving this online survey. It is absolutely free.
So without wasting time I will tell you its complete TUTORIAL here.

First of all, I tell you the name of this website, the name of this website is YOUGOV.COM (paid online surveys)

paid online surveys
Online Surveys To Earn Money


YouGov is one of the world’s leading market research and data companies. Right from the beginning, they are inspired by a simple idea.

At the heart of our company is a global online community, where millions of people and thousands of commercial and cultural organizations engage in constant conversations about their beliefs, behaviors, and brands.

We combine this steady stream of data with our deep research expertise and extensive industry experience, to develop technologies and methodologies that will enable more collaborative decision making.

In the Middle East and North Africa and South Asia, YouGov has the largest net research online panel, where more than half a million people surveyed 21 countries.

Every day major brands, businesses and media trust us to offer more accurate, more actionable pictures of what the world thinks.


Paid online surveys

ABOUT YOUGOV paid online surveys

“The more people who are able to participate in the decisions made by those businesses, the better those decisions will be.”

It is a UK company. This is the very POPULAR in WEBSITE UK.

You can also see his ALEXA RANK in the IMAGE below.

ALEXA RANK OF YOU YOUGOV paid online surveys

Friends, if you do not know what ALEXA RANK is, then I tell you.

RANK is given to any WEBSITE from AMAZON. By this RANK you will know how good this WEBSITE is.

And at the same time, you can see in his SIDE how much POPULAR this website is for you in the UK.

Your RANK is also given here.

This is a very good website to earn money by surveying online.

FULL TUTORIAL OF THIS WEBSITE (paid online surveys)

So friends, let me tell you how to SUBMIT the survey on this WEBSITE. And how to make money from that.

FIRST FRIENDS, YOU HAVE TO SEARCH IN GOOGLE “YOUGOV” SURVEY As soon as you search in Google, you will see this kind of INTERFACE, you will see this kind of INTERFACE will tell you Google.

Online Surveys To Earn Money

This page is telling you the very first OPTION. JOIN YOU GOV NOW has to CLICK on this, as soon as you click on it, you will get the entire website of GOV NOW OPEN on your DESKTOP.

You can login to this website through your EMAIL.

You can also log in with your FACEBOOK LOGIN ID.


Friends here, you will also be told a VIDEO in which you explain how WORGOV works.


Friends, now at ABOUT you will get the complete information on this website, which I have already told you.

Like friends, if you log in, then in this website, on the RIGHT SIDE of this website, you have been given a BOX of AVAILABLE SERVICE in a SMALL BOX.

Whenever a lot of your survey will come in it. There you will SHOW.

At present, I do not have any survey here, for me, no survey is AVAILABLE here.

So here it is written “WE DONT HAVE SURVEY RIGHT NOW” Friends, in this website you are given some POINTS of every survey.

50 POINT is given to you for a survey.

You can see friends I have surveyed here before, so I have 450 points here.

And you can also see my MY ACCOUNT HISTORY here.


First I got 100 points here.

Similarly, later by doing 50 then 50 such, I got 450 POINT for every survey here.


And now friends can see that you have TIMING of the survey, you get a survey every two-three days.

Similarly, when you get 5000 points in this website, then you can REDEEM it.


If you want to REDEEM it in your PAYTM account, then you get 3600 RS.

Friends, in this website you are given all kinds of SURVEY, it can be about BRAND.


You can have SURVEY about any product.

Some surveys I gave were about ELECTRONIC PRODUCT, you just have to give your correct information and the right suggestions in it.

You only get points in it, for DAILY SURVEY, friends, you have to keep checking every day.

Whether anyone has come to you or not yet, I have given 5 surveys here.

Friends, it is also available on the ANDROID and iOS PLATFORM of this website.
This application will make your work even easier.


That is why Sarvodaya can be seen here in the image below, how its application looks on the Play Store and can see its RATING.

In this website, you have to fill the OPTION of DETAILS on the RIGHT SIDE there.

And in MY SETTINGS OPTION, you have to EDIT and fill your details too.
  You must do this work before taking PAYMENT.

You can also DONATE your points. To an organization named MSF.
 I have done a lot of research on this website.

You can also see its payment PROOF on YOUTUBE. Many people have received their payment.

This is a very good website, you can work on it and do EARN part-time.

In this, you only have to give 15 to 20 minutes a day to a survey and you can convert your time into money.

And the surveys coming here are very easy, anyone can give it

In conclusion, if the post (Online Surveys to Earn Money) looks good, then please like and comment.

YouGov | Earn Rs. 3600 PayTM Cash By Just Filling Simple Surveys Online. [Hindi/Urdu]



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