What is web design? Top 5 best web design templates websites.

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What is Responsive Web Design | To know Top 5 best web design templates websites | Web Designing Meaning | Best Web Templates Company

Hello friends,

We all know Web is a collection of web pages that is located on various websites, and usually, we are visiting different websites for different purposes.

Every website has several eye-catching themes and useful content, because of this we are visiting that website.

If you have any business a complex website can hurt your brand.

These themes are designed by web designers

If you don’t know anything about web design, so one question can arise in your mind is that

What is web design?

1) Web design is nothing but whatever you see on any of the websites on the Web. Web design specially focused on the user experience of website development rather than software development.

2) So, we can say that web design is focused on the front end of the websites.

3) The web designing experts are called web designer. A web designer focuses more on what the visitors will enjoy.

4) Web designers are focused on layout, user interface, live animation effects, better combinations of color, appropriate fonts, etc.

5) Also, Web designers have a better knowledge of computer graphics also for making the website interactive with users and users get a better experience.

6) Web designers mainly use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, .Net, and Angular for web designing.

7) If you are thinking to make your website then first of all learn web designing and try to make your website by yourself without hiring any web designer.

8) If you have not enough time to learn web designing and build your website by yourself. So, your problem’s solution is Web design templates.
You may ask that

What is web design Templates?

1) Web design template is the pre-build WebPages, which can be further customized by our needs. Web design templates are typically made by languages like HTML and CSS.

2) It is a predesigned resource that shows the structure or the comprehensive layout and displays features-services of any website.

3) Web design templates are designed by web designers.

4) Various web design templates are provided by different websites or agencies on the internet.

5) Most websites provide the paid web design templates, but a big amount of free web design templates are also available on the internet.

6) It is a big confusion that which are the websites that provide ideal web design templates for you?

7) Here are the 5 websites or agencies which have a rich collection of web design templates and with the help of them you will be actively putting things together and set up an innovative website for launch.

Top 5 Best web design templates websites.

1) Wix.com

wix.com (web design template website)

Note that WordPress currently powers more than 50% of the web. Whereas Wix coming to the second with approximately 7% of all websites.

The most stunning thing about Wix is its templates.

The designs are very amazing and also interactive. It offers pre-built layouts for many different industries like Restaurants, Music, Book publication, Art store, Architecture, etc.

Wix allows you to animate text and other things. This means Wix gives a user as much freedom as possible. There are many of the website apps that you can add to your website. All those can be easily united to your Wix templates.

The best thing about Wix that it is also provides some free HTML5 templates. Wix has a unique element than other website builders called Repeaters which is a simple database.

Rather than these, Wix Templates are easy to customize, choice and flexibility of design, etc.

2) Squarespace.com

Squarespace.com (web design template website)

Squarespace comes at the third position just after Wix. It offers 100+ themes that are optimized for desktops, tablets, and phones. They seem to fits on every aspect of web design like fonts, sizes, images, etc.

It is great for anyone who wants a good web design template for their website.

The Special thing about Squarespace is that mobile apps of Squarespace allow you to edit pages, blog posts, and E-commerce functions.

Squarespace templates have the facility to restore deleted posts and pages for up to 30 days.

You will also get a free domain name, unlimited storage, 24/7 support, and 14 days “no question” money-back guarantee plus loads more industry-leading features.

Rather than all of these, Squarespace templates are easy to use, easy to customize using Squarespace editor, provides various tools, etc.

3) Webflow.com

Webflow templates are one of the popular among its users. It stands tall when it comes to design.

Also, It is a glorious hybrid between traditional site builders like Wix, classical content management systems like WordPress.


It markets itself as a good alternative to WordPress. It provides complex functionality to developers, designers and agencies are among its customers.

 In other words, The Webflow has lots of remarkable features like content management, SEO tools, different wireframe options, and plans for individuals, etc.

Also,Webflow also provides various plans for designers and freelancers.

Webflow offers one of the most strong self-help sections. The Webflow community is an open forum where you can get a better idea about web design templates and answers to your questions.

You can customize all things without having to know code, making it feel very advanced without feeling inaccessible.

4) Templatemonster.com

Templatemonster is a large and growing marketplace where you can find high-quality products matching the latest web standards.

It has a rich amount of WordPress themes (around 800+ themes), HTML templates, E-commerce templates, CMS templates, Bootstrap-based website template, etc.


Its popular services are Website installation, Website creation from scratch, online store help, and WordPress website maintenance

Templatemonster provides 49,000+ Website templates, plugins, and graphics.

Its templates come with nice features and easy to use. It also works well on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Templatemonster provides some premium-quality and free website designs that you can download for your creative website.

5) Themeforest.net

Themeforest is part of the Envato markets. They have 19000+ website templates and themes start from $4 so they are pretty much got a little bit of everything from HTML, WordPress, PSD’s, and other big CMS systems.

They also have plugins for sale like social media plugins, shopping cart plugins, etc.

 In other words, Themeforest is good for all of your WordPress themes and plugins that you want to use for your clients.

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The customer service of Themeforest is excellent so if you ever have any help or need questions regarding installing a theme or customization, the experts of Themeforest are able to walk through it and help you with any of your questions.

So, these are the 5 websites or agencies where you can check out for some great web design templates for your website.

Hope you enjoyed it.

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