Top 7 Best Webinar Platforms in 2021

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Hello friends,

Nowadays webinars are becoming very popular especially due to the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Therefore, Most companies run their work from the webinar.

First of all, understand What is Webinar?

Therefore, The simplest meaning of Webinar is “Seminar on web/Internet”.


In addition, People are using different kinds of webinar software that allows companies to conduct and distribute interactive.

And recorded promotional videos of their products or educational video presentations to their existing customers.

Are you looking to organize a webinar but don’t know which software is best for you?

Don’t worry. In this article, I will share the information about Top 7 webinar software in 2020.

So, stay tuned.

Top 7 Best Webinar Platforms in 2020

1. WebinarJam

WebinarJam is one of the best software in the world.

Therefore, It is simple to use, you can start your webinar in just a minute and it provides affordable prices for hosting webinars.

WebinarJam webinar software


The facility of Facebook Live and YouTube Live.

Automatically record your conference meetings.

Ability to make attendee a presenter or speaker.

Ability to reach up to 5,000 people.

People can connect from any of the devices.

Email and SMS text reminders.

The facility of Polls and Surveys, upload PowerPoint presentations, and PDF’s.

The option of multiple presenters.

Compatible for all browsers and OS and much more.

2. Demio

Demio says itself as the hassle-free webinar software.

In addition, You have nothing to download to start with Demio.

Demio webinar software

It is a modern and powerful platform for webinars, teaching, etc.


Automatically record your conference meetings.

The facility of private and public chat.

Excellent analytics and Full HD streaming.

Live, Automated, and Hybrid webinar.

Super simple, clean, and intuitive UI.

The facility of Polls with stats, Launch offers, and CTA’s.

Ability to share handouts and gifts.

The facility of tracking registrations as you promote.

It can easily integrate with most of the marketing apps.

Excellent 24/7 customer services and much more.

3. WebinarNinja

WebinarNinja gives all things which you need for your seminar.

It is a powerful software for marketers and businesses.

It also helps you or your company to convert attendees into customers.

 WebinarNinja webinar software


It has the General Data Protection Regulation (GDRP) facility.

Build-in thank you page for forwarding to attendees.

Provide Web RTC technology, your attendees can see and hear you in real-time without any awkward delay.

Multiple Presenter facility.

The facility of sharing webinars on popular social media platforms.

Ability to export recording, details of attendees, chats, and many more.

Facility to ban any attendee.

Build-in calendar for reminding your webinar’s.

Nothing to download to start with WebinarNinja and much more.

4. EverWebinar

EverWebinar is also a popular and robust automated webinar software.

In addition, It has an automatic recording of webinars.

 EverWebinar software

Also, it has fully automated customer-activity based email connections. It works with WebinarJam or we can say it is powered by WebinarJam.


Just in time.

The facility of Pre-made landing pages.

It has a dynamic attendee display.

It allows you to schedule reminders via email and phone text to your attendees.

The facility of polls, surveys, automated integrations, and hybrid webinars.

Perform stats in real-time.

Convert past webinars in evergreen webinars and much more.

5. Google Hangouts Webinar Platform

Google Hangouts is completely free for easily integrates with the chrome browser and Gmail.

In addition, You compulsory have a Google account for active participates in the webinar.

In addition, Google Hangouts is also a powerful tool for small and large companies.

Google Hangouts Webinar Platform

Therefore, Its downside is that it allows only 30 people in the chat, but you can invite a large number of audiences in the YouTube stream.

In Google Hangouts, you don’t get any automation or marketing features.


Multiple Presenter facility.

Ability to create a webinar in just 10 seconds.

No need to download any software.

Completely free software.

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Automatically record your conference meetings and uploaded them to your YouTube channel.

Independency to make your recorded webinar private or public on YouTube and much more.

6. Livestorm Webinar Platforms

Livestorm is simple, easy to use, and user friendly software. It has a huge amount of satisfied users in the world.



The facility of Live, Automated, and On-demand webinars.

High level of automation with sequences.

Share video, presentation, or screen.

Engaging members by Chats, questions, and polls.

Provides source tracking and participation record.

Integrated with more than 1000 apps.

World-class and multi-language customer support.

Analyzing your webinar.

Data security with 100% GDPR- a compliment, and much more.

7. Clickmetting Webinar Platform

Clickmetting is another strong alternative for organizing webinars. It has nearly 150,000+ regular users.

In addition, You can use this for sales, marketing, and other purposes.



Offers on-demand and automated webinars.

Supports polls, surveys, live chat, and toll-free call-in numbers.

The facility of whiteboard Explanation.

Recording, downloading, and sharing the webinar’s facility.

Reports and analytics regarding your video meetings.

It can be connected to Facebook and YouTube.

Multiple Presenter facility.

Attractive and Affordable price plans and much more.

More Webinar Platforms

You can also use the following software’s:

1) Dacast

2) WebEx

3) GetResponse

4) Livestream

5) Webinars OnAir

6) Zoom

According to our research, The Best Webinar Software’s in 2020

>> WebinarJam

>> Demio

>> WebinarNinja

>> EverWebinar

>> Google Hangouts (Free Webinar Platform)

>> Livestorm

>> Clickmetting

So, Which software you are going to use?

Hope you enjoy it.

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