What do the checkmarks mean on Whatsapp?

What do the check marks mean on Whatsapp
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What do the check marks mean on Whatsapp? what do the double-check marks mean on Whatsapp? (100% You Don’t know)

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WhatsApp allows you to send messages to contacts all over the world that you want.

it is one of the users if you’re not sure that your message was delivered, or much less read.

Sometimes your message hasn’t gone through because of connectivity issues. Other times, the other person’s device might not be connected, so they can’t receive your message.

WhatsApp has a nice feature to let you know the status of your message.

The key to this feature is, understanding what the colors and amount of checkmarks next to your message mean.

If you don’t know the meanings of the checkmarks in a Whatsapp, then keep reading this article.

What is Whatsapp?

1) But, before starting it is very important for us to know a few details of our journey from SMS to Whatsapp.

2) A few years ago, we were buying the packages of the SMS (Short Message Service) to communicate with friends or family because it was a little cheaper than voice calls.

3) Right now, SMS is rarely using a system for communication, and Whatsapp, Telegram, and IMO have taken their place. Also, Whatsapp is the most popular and worldwide used application.

4) Because by using these apps, you can share multimedia files, images, videos, voice recordings also with text messages.

What do the check marks mean on Whatsapp?

Single grey checkmark:

1) The meaning of a single grey checkmark is the message is successfully sent from your device, and it is not delivered to your recipient yet.

2) If a single grey checkmark sticks, it means that your contact’s phone is probably off or not connected to the internet.

3) As soon they will come online and the message will get delivered.

4) The meaning of a single grey checkmark for a very long time can also mean that you have been blocked.

Double grey checkmark

1) The meaning of a double grey checkmark is the message is successfully delivered to the recipient but not read yet.

2) Or it’s been delivered but the person you’re messaging has read receipts turned off.

3) In the Group Chats, two gray checkmarks appear meaning is the message has been delivered to everyone in the group.

4) Until then, WhatsApp will just show the one grey checkmark.

Two Blue checkmarks (What do the check marks mean on Whatsapp)

1) The meaning of two blue checkmarks is your message has been read, or at least that the recipient has opened your message.

2) You will only see blue checkmarks in individual messages if the recipient has read receipts turned on.

3) In Group Chats, two blue checkmarks mean that your message has been read by everyone in the group.

Conclusion of What do the check marks mean on Whatsapp

I hope this article helped you to know what do the checkmarks mean on Whatsapp.

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